Latitude/Longitude of Mistaya Lodge: 51.698736, -116.634464

Find us on Topo Map: 82 north/10 Blaeberry River

Mistaya Lodge provides helicopter transport to our luxury backcountry accommodations that access outstanding hiking and alpine ski touring near Golden, British Columbia, Canada. Our tours begin in the town of Golden BC, 2 hours west of Banff National Park and about 3 hours west of Calgary International Airport on the TransCanada Highway.

In both summer and winter all groups rendezvous at the Alpine Helicopters hanger at the Golden Airport. Alpine Helicopters Ltd. provides safe, spectacular and rapid travel in a Bell 407 or 212 helicopter which carries 6 to 12 passengers and their baggage from Golden to Mistaya Lodge. This transportation to and from the lodge is provided as part of each trip package. A fenced and gated enclosure adjacent to the hangar is provided for secure vehicle parking.

From Golden BC, helicopters take approximately 18 minutes to travel the 60 kilometers to the Wildcat Creek Basin, a remote and impressive region of the Canadian Rockies that lies along the Continental Divide.

From here you can step outside into the solitude and tranquility of pristine sub-alpine and alpine terrain bordered by the Wapta Icefields, Yoho, and Banff National Park. Guides ensure your safety and comfort, whether you participate in alpine ski touring (randonee), telemarking or snowshoeing in the winter or hiking in the summer. Map review and briefings are part of the daily routine at Mistaya Lodge, so you will always know where you are, even when you’re on top of the world!


This place is sheer magic

Bob, CA, USA