Summer Safety

Backcountry safety at Mistaya Lodge is a daily focus.

Our Guides

Our knowledgeable guides are certified by the ACMG (Association of Canadian Mountain Guides), a globally recognized organization known for their highly respected standards. The guides maintain their excellence with regular ACMG professional development sessions to update their first aid, emergency prevention protocols, and emergency procedures.

  • Guides carry radios for communication
  • Emergency and First Aid gear are available in the valley if needed
  • Emergency evacuation protocol in place

Our Guests

Safety starts at the helicopter hangar. When our guests arrive, the Alpine Helicopter Pilots run a safety briefing, and review the safety protocols.

Guests are responsible for ensuring their personal comfort and safety:

  • Please wear proper footwear and clothing for rocky terrain, sun, wind, rain, and, yes, even snow on occasion!
  • Bring sun screen, daily and emergency medications (such as epi-pens if known allergens), and blister prevention/relief
  • Purchase adequate travel insurance. If a guest needs to be evacuated, it is at his or her expense. Insurance information.
  • See the complete summer equipment list in our Trip Planner.

Risk assessment and avoidance are essential to safety, and our guides take their job very seriously. Prevention and preparation help ensure our guests’ safety while creating unforgettable experiences in breathtaking terrain.

Weather and Alpine Conditions

It is not uncommon to experience all four seasons in a day at Mistaya Lodge! As part of their risk assessment and management, the guides constantly monitor weather and alpine conditions. Each day we assess the weather and our guests’ interests and abilities, and develop a hiking plan that provides for an unforgettable day of panoramic views and fresh mountain air.

The Bottom Line

Backcountry safety at Mistaya lodge is our top priority. If your guide ever has any doubt about the safety of any activity, it won’t be an option. That way you can enjoy the vacation of a lifetime, secure in the sound judgement of our ACMG certified guides!

Mistaya Lodge - Divider

More than expected especially the staff.

Shirley & Tom, Calgary, AB

What a special space with really special people. A feast for the senses – thank you so much!

Robin, England

Very relaxing, outstanding food, great hospitality – a beautiful retreat. Thanks to all.

Nancy, Alberta, Canada

Awesome hiking, food, accommodation, people. This really jump started my hiking program and inspired me! Thanks for everything!

Julie, Washington, USA

Took a detour from the rat race to a Rocky Mountain paradise.  With wind at my back and sun on my face hiked my way through meadows, rocks and glacier ice.

Jonny, California, US

Three generations (11 of us, plus 1) enjoyed a great sun filled four days at Mistaya. The hospitality was first rate, the food excellent and the hiking outstanding.

Dieter, BC, Canada

A true retreat in an amazing area.

Bonnie & Bavin

This place is sheer magic!

Bob, CA, USA

Thanks for one of the most breathtaking experiences of my life

Barbara, California, USA

Went beyond my expectations, nature at its best. Great food and hospitality made for a wonderful four days.

Anne Marie, BC, Canada