Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not here, please direct your inquiry to the Mistaya Lodge Office. Perhaps your question will be added to our frequently asked questions list!

Q: How is the weather at the lodge?

A: The weather changes frequently in the mountains and there are two ways you can keep up to date.  There is a weather forecast summary posted at the bottom of most of our website pages.  Click on the summary and it will take you to a full forecast.  Don’t be fooled it says Snowforecast but that is just the company’s name that gives the most accurate weather for Mistaya Lodges area. It is useful in the summer too!  Right beside the forecast you can also see our webcam footage.  Click on it and you will see a full color view right off the deck of the lodge.

Q: Do I need to sign a waiver?

A: Yes, you must agree to sign a Mistaya Lodge Waiver before you depart on your holiday.  All guests must read and agree to sign our waiver on their guest details form.  A paper waiver will be provided to each guest at the helicopter hangar to sign with a Mistaya staff member as a witness before entering the helicopter.


Q: Is there an emergency contact phone number I can leave with friends and family at home?

A: Yes 1-866-647-8292 is the office number. Our staff can relay a message to the Lodge.


Q: When is the best time to visit to see the flowers?

A: End of July and the beginning of August


Q: How late in the year can we ski and still have great snow?

A: Skiing in the Rockies lasts until late April, early May.


Q: What if I’m not a skier, but I want to visit the lodge in the winter?

A: Mistaya Lodge is a wonderful retreat for quiet contemplation. The lodge offers comfortable living spaces with panoramic views of dazzling terrain. Snowshoeing and tobogganing are always popular activities when you need to get outside to smell the powder.


Q: Can I bring my snowboard?

A: Yes, provided you are appropriately prepared for backcountry travel, with experience and a touring set-up that allows efficient movement through alpine terrain.


Q: Should I print out the trip planner and bring it with me?

A: Great idea! An organized guest is a prepared guest, and prepared guests have more fun!


Q: When do we arrive back in Golden at the end of our trip?

A: If all goes as scheduled guests will be back in Golden before 12 noon mst. Please be patient when there are delays, it does not happen.


Q: Do you provide lunch the first day?

A: All incoming guests will go hiking/skiing right away maximizing your adventure time.  Please bring a bagged lunch in your hiking/skiing day pack.  This also gives the staff  time to sanitize the lodge between groups keeping everyone happy and healthy.


Q: Is the snow and weather any good for skiing in January?

A: Yes, the dry Rocky Mountain Powder is at its peak in late December and January.  Historically we have a settled base of 1.5 meters and temperatures ranging from -10 to -25C on average.  There are worries of short days but we ski 9:30am to 4:30pm through out the winter.

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Awesome! Some of the best skiing of my life – whooping down the big boulders under the WildCat falls!

Wendy and Michel, California, USA

Wow I feel lucky that my first backcountry ski week happened to be at Mistaya.

Ulrich, Illinois, USA

More than expected especially the staff.

Shirley & Tom, Calgary, AB

What a special space with really special people. A feast for the senses – thank you so much!

Robin, England

Thanks to the hardworking, fun-loving staff at Mistaya. We had a blast!

Ray & Linda, Colorado, USA

Truly an incredible time! Thanks!

Overhoff Boys

Very relaxing, outstanding food, great hospitality – a beautiful retreat. Thanks to all.

Nancy, Alberta, Canada

My second visit to Mistaya after a break of 9 years – why did I wait so long?

Martin, London, UK

I can’t think of a better way to bring in the New Year

Kevin and Amanda, Alberta, Canada

Awesome hiking, food, accommodation, people. This really jump started my hiking program and inspired me! Thanks for everything!

Julie, Washington, USA
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Weather Forecast & Webcam

The above forecast is provided by Snow Forecast and is one of the most reliable and easy to understand weather forecasts for Mistaya Lodge 12 months of the year. For other forecasts, please check this page.

Mistaya Lodge Webcam
Mistaya Lodge Live Webcam