Wapta Traverse

The Wapta Icefield to Bow Lake ski out is a popular option for Mistaya Lodge guests who seek an extraordinary ski touring finale to their vacation. This strenuous 24 km single-day traverse takes guests on a renowned route across the Continental Divide with spectacular views of seldom-seen glaciers and towering peaks.

Situated in the Canadian Rockies of British Columbia, and bordering Yoho and Banff National Parks, the Wapta Traverse involves a 3400 foot gain in elevation and generally requires 8 to 10 hours for fit, strong intermediate skiers to complete.

accordion-minus accordion-plus Weather and Conditions

Ski touring on the Wapta Icefield is very much dependent on obtaining good weather and travel conditions. For this reason, we only attempt the traverse on the day prior to the scheduled helicopter departure. This allows us the option of returning to Mistaya Lodge if

accordion-minus accordion-plus Planning for the Wapta Traverse

During your stay at the Lodge we will be able to discuss travel conditions and assess people’s abilities to safely complete the traverse. You will carry only the supplies you need for the day; the helicopter will transport the rest of your gear on the following day.

Transportation back to Golden is provided by Mistaya as part of your package, either by guiding you across the Wapta Traverse, or transporting you via helicopter. If you ski out, a Mistaya van will deliver you to Golden, where you will arrange your own meals and accommodation.

Click here for links to food and accommodation in Golden, British Columbia.

accordion-minus accordion-plus Why would I want to do this?

The Wapta Icefield ski out is an exhilarating, exhausting experience that starts at the fanciest accommodations around, takes you across the Continental Divide in the Canadian Rockies, and passes right by Peyto and Bow huts, all on terrain that is seldom travelled. Ski touring on such a vast glacier with beautiful scenery is a highlight at the end of your ski vacation. End your holiday with an unforgettable ski touring adventure that will give you bragging rights for years to come!


Truly an incredible time! Thanks!

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